Online LLM (Master of Law) Degrees

by admin on Aug 27, 2010

They are advanced academic degrees and they are usually abbreviated as LL.M. To be able to pursue this level of education you need to have first obtained a basic degree in law. Though most countries are not going to require an online Master of Law degree, it is important to obtain one if at all you are in a position to. It is also important to note that there is no difference between the online and offline LL.M degree, only that one is taken online while the other one is taken offline. In the recent past, there have been lots of additions to the specialties of masters in Law degrees.

It is important to also note that there are different types of online LL.M degrees, and these are geared towards helping law students’ focus on almost any area in law. In the Unite States for instance, one of the most famous type of online Masters in Law degree is the tax law. There are other emerging ones though they are related to finances, and they are Masters of Law in financial services, bankruptcy and banking. There are some online institutions offering LL.M which allow individual students to freely design their study programs from the numerous upper level courses.

Online LL.M degrees are dynamic in the sense that students are allowed to focus their energies on one of the many courses. The disciplines in which Law Masters degrees can be attained include international, constitutional, commercial, corporate and human rights law. Worth attention is the fact that information technology law, intellectual property, maritime, estate planning insurance and trial advocacy law are all disciplines in which one can attain online LL.M degrees. There are different languages used when offering such courses, and they are all aimed at ensuring that students understand more, though the standard language supposed to be used is English.

As mentioned earlier, to be able to enroll for an online LL.M degree you need to first have a basic, or what is commonly referred to as a bachelor’s degree in law. Though this is not a rigid requirement, the exceptions always demand that you also have a vast experience in law related courses. An online LL.M degree can take up to three years depending on the institution offering the course and the arrangement of study modules. The fee required for these online degrees also varies according to the institution offering it. However, it is important to ensure that you enroll in an accredited one for a Masters degree.

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