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Funding of an online LL.M is crucial considering hat the cost of studying for the same is not as cheap. Maintaining the monetary requirements of a one year or two year course in these crucial economic times is not as easy as most people would want to think. There are however LL.M (Master of Law) Scholarships and Grants which are offered to those who meet certain criteria. The best way to start looking for any financial support is trying to find out what the government and other private institutions have to offer in terms of monetary aid. It is important also to be wary of those institutions demanding repayment since financial aid does not have to be repaid.

Most LL.M (Master of Law) Scholarships and Grants are awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional personal and academic records. Showing potential for future success is also a means through which bodies dealing with offering these forms of financial aid  use to choose those who qualify or not. The level of competition therefore exhibited here is quite high considering that there are a number of highly qualified people who also apply for the same. It is always important to always ensure that you have established contact with the financial aid offices of the law school where you are pursuing your LL.M degree.

This is because most of them often offer LL.M (Master of Law) Scholarships and Grants to the top applicants. A quick browse in the school website can allow you to get as much information about the scholarships and grants. It is therefore prudent to ensure that you are always on the know in regard to the amount being given since these financial aid arrangements only cover a certain amount of your total school fees. It is also practically possible to get LL.M (Master of Law) Scholarships and Grants from multiple bodies.

Most governments are good sources of such financial aid, and all is required is to generally be in the know regarding where and when you can access it. The application process often requires that you provide proof that you are in school and that you are in need of such help.

Online LLM Degrees

Kaplan University — While not regarded as post-doctoral LLM degrees, Kaplan University does offer MS degrees in legal studies and criminal justice law.
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Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University's MS in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement educates its students about issues of the law, social order, and justice. Law enforcement personnel, correctional, probation, and parole officers will particularly benefit from the degree. An MS in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies is geared towards law clerks and public officers wanting to further their education through social research programs.
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Northcentral University — Students enrolled in Northcentral University's MBA in Criminal Justice program will learn classic and contemporary theory in business administration along with practical skills all managers need to get ahead. Enrollees will also be provided with a more in depth understanding of the criminal justice system and its global multicultural network connecting distinct legal traditions and codes.
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