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When choosing the institution from which to attain an online Master of Law degree, it is important to first bear in mind the ranking of the potential schools. Rankings go a long way in helping determine the quality and reputation of various law schools. LL.Ms rankings are not found easily though, considering that most of those institutions offering basic law degrees are the same ones that offer Masters in the same discipline. Another factor which makes it difficult to come across any LL.M rankings even on the internet is the fact that students attending this course often differ in content of the courses being taken, since there are diverse LL.Ms.

There are other issues which come into play and they end up effectively ensuring that LL.M program rankings are further made difficult. Most students pursuing such a course online are often more concerned with issues such as whether there is any probability of their getting a job soon after they are through with school, size of the LL.M class and also the expected salary once they are through with their education. This complicates issues and the process of trying to rank these programs.

That aside, the fact that there are different types of Master of Law degrees makes it difficult to prioritize one over the other. There are colleges, whether online or not which are charged with offering diverse course and as such different needs and preferences for various students. The only way out of this predicament for those pursuing these courses whether online or not is to collect as much information as possible about potential institutions they wish to join and then end up making a decision based on an overall level of consensus as opposed to any ranking.

For instance an online LL.M program ranking is going to require that you consider issues such  as the type of courses being offered in the particular discipline you have opted for, the ranking of the law school in which you have enrolled and the number of other LL.M programs being offered in that same school. If it is a school which offers other basic law degrees, then it is important to look at its overall ranking also.

Online LLM Degrees

Kaplan University — While not regarded as post-doctoral LLM degrees, Kaplan University does offer MS degrees in legal studies and criminal justice law.
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Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University's MS in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement educates its students about issues of the law, social order, and justice. Law enforcement personnel, correctional, probation, and parole officers will particularly benefit from the degree. An MS in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies is geared towards law clerks and public officers wanting to further their education through social research programs.
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Northcentral University — Students enrolled in Northcentral University's MBA in Criminal Justice program will learn classic and contemporary theory in business administration along with practical skills all managers need to get ahead. Enrollees will also be provided with a more in depth understanding of the criminal justice system and its global multicultural network connecting distinct legal traditions and codes.
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