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LLM (Master of Law) Average Salary

There are different criteria used in determining a LL.M (Master of Law) Average Salary. There are those who are going to be paid in regard of their expertise, others are going to pay as per the laws of the state they are in and some other holders of LL.M degrees are going to receive their salaries based on the area in which are practicing. Since there are various disciplines in master o law degrees, their salary level varies in regard to the type of discipline in which one has chosen to follow. But even in all those law disciplines, those who have chosen to major in intellectual property are the ones who earn more, as there are those who are known to earn from 28,000 dollars a month.

But as mentioned earlier, to conclusively come up with a round figure for LL.M (Master of Law) Average Salary considering that there arte lots of factors which come into play and effectively ensure that there is no bracket that can be said to be the limit for which their salaries reach. The one with masters in criminal law is also well placed when it comes to salary, since they earn as much as 50,000 dollars a month, and this is inclusive of allowances, bonuses and other benefits. Since experience goes a long way also in determining the amount of money in terms of salary that one is to get, it is surprising that holders of masters in law degrees for between five to nine years earn more than those whose experience is between ten to nineteen years.

Research has revealed that those with between five to nine years experience earn between 90-100,000 dollars per annum. The older experienced ones, that is, between 10-19 years of experience, earn an LL.M (Master of Law) Average Salary of between 80-90,000 dollars per year.

Interestingly, those with over twenty years experience practicing law have varying levels of LL.M (Master of Law) Average Salary based on their specialty. Those practicing in criminal law are said to be the least earners while those who handle matters relating to human rights take home between 80-100,000 dollars each year.

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Kaplan University — While not regarded as post-doctoral LLM degrees, Kaplan University does offer MS degrees in legal studies and criminal justice law.
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Grand Canyon University — Grand Canyon University's MS in Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement educates its students about issues of the law, social order, and justice. Law enforcement personnel, correctional, probation, and parole officers will particularly benefit from the degree. An MS in Criminal Justice: Legal Studies is geared towards law clerks and public officers wanting to further their education through social research programs.
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Northcentral University — Students enrolled in Northcentral University's MBA in Criminal Justice program will learn classic and contemporary theory in business administration along with practical skills all managers need to get ahead. Enrollees will also be provided with a more in depth understanding of the criminal justice system and its global multicultural network connecting distinct legal traditions and codes.
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