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19 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Healthcare Law

YouTube is a great way to keep up with what’s going on. And, there’s no subject today with more going on than that of healthcare in the US. We’re in the midst of a major overhaul in our healthcare system and it is affecting insurance coverage, laws and the way we receive our healthcare. Take… Read the full article →

20 Open Courseware Classes About Business Law

If you’re interested in the legal field, business law is one area where you’ll definitely want to develop some expertise. Business law is one of the hottest areas of law. While most jobs will require some sort of degree, you can definitely get a good head start by checking out open courseware. These classes are… Read the full article →

6 Excellent Social Networking Sites for Lawyers

A social network site is understood from services that reflect upon social networks or social relations among people who shares common interests or activities. A social network site primarily is service essentially consists of a representation of each user’s profile with his/her social links, and other variety of additional services. Most of the social network… Read the full article →

Online LLM (Master of Law) Degrees

They are advanced academic degrees and they are usually abbreviated as LL.M. To be able to pursue this level of education you need to have first obtained a basic degree in law. Though most countries are not going to require an online Master of Law degree, it is important to obtain one if at all… Read the full article →