20 Open Courseware Classes About Business Law

by admin on Dec 31, 2010

If you’re interested in the legal field, business law is one area where you’ll definitely want to develop some expertise. Business law is one of the hottest areas of law. While most jobs will require some sort of degree, you can definitely get a good head start by checking out open courseware. These classes are free, and are offered by some of the country’s most prestigious universities. Check out these twenty classes that are relevant to anyone interested in business law.

  1. The Microsoft Antitrust Cases in the EU: Reflections, Analysis, and Predictions: This lecture from Duke Law School offers an in-depth look at the European Union’s case against Microsoft for anti-trust violations.[Duke University Law School]
  2. Musicians in Copyright’s Federated Domain: This lecture from Villanova law professor Michael Carroll covers copyright issues in the music industry. [Villanova]
  3. Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager: This course covers business law as it applies to business owners and managers. [MIT]
  4. Patents, Copyrights and the Law of Intellectual Property: This course covers intellectual property, and important topic relating to employment, especially in the technology field. [MIT]
  5. The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets: This course covers the laws that apply to corporate finance and to working or investing in the financial markets. [MIT]
  6. The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions: You’ll gain understanding of how mergers and acquisitions work in the business world, and the legal issues that apply to them. [MIT]
  7. Power and Negotiation: This course is a great introduction to negotiation techniques, a critical part of any job in the legal field. [MIT]
  8. Negotiation and Conflict Management: This MIT course focuses on managing conflict and negotiating situations to a solution that is beneficial to all parties. [MIT]
  9. Communicating with Data: Use data communications to help explain, negotiate and report to other people. [MIT]
  10. Competitive Decision Making and Negotiation: Learn to negotiate and make decisions in the competitive business environment. [MIT]
  11. Communication for Managers: Teaches writing and speaking skills necessary for a management position.[MIT]
  12. Business Tort Law: This course examines the law in society, and how torts and laws work.[Money Instructor]
  13. The Limits of Law: This podcast from Lewis and Clark law school examines the limits of the law and how changing the law is not always the way to make societal change. [Lewis and Clark]
  14. Labor Law: This lecture from Case Western University Law School offers an introduction to labor law. [Case Western]
  15. What Makes a Great Legal Negotiator?: This lecture from George Washington University Law School Professor Charles Graver examines the traits of a great legal negotiator.[George Washington University Law School]
  16. Company Law in Context: This course covers the legal issues involved in setting up and running a business. [Open University]
  17. The Theories of Public Policy: This course focuses on public problems, programs and issues, and how or when the government gets involved in them. [Tufts University School of Law]
  18. Freedom of Information: This course focuses on the Freedom of Information law and, in particular, how it affects journalism. [News University]
  19. Online Media Law: This course from News University is aimed at bloggers and writers. It covers the law in regards to what is published online, which is critical to business owners, too. [News University]
  20. Environmental Regulation Policy: Many businesses work with products that are environmentally regulated. This course offers information regarding environmental politics and law. [Energy and Environment Open Courseware]

There are many classes you can take to broaden your knowledge in the area of law. The law affects all aspects of business, from employee and hiring practices, to trade, to contracts. You can get a very good background in the law by listening to these lectures and taking the open courseware classes listed here. It’s a great way to get a real jump start on your formal education or to increase your knowledge as laws change. You’re certain to want to take advantage of several of the open courseware classes listed here.

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