19 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Healthcare Law

by admin on Jan 01, 2011

YouTube is a great way to keep up with what’s going on. And, there’s no subject today with more going on than that of healthcare in the US. We’re in the midst of a major overhaul in our healthcare system and it is affecting insurance coverage, laws and the way we receive our healthcare. Take a look at these 19 videos related to our nation’s new healthcare laws.

  1. Healthcare Reform: This video features public opinion about healthcare reform.
  2. Obama Signs Healthcare Bill into Law: Watch the historic moment when President Obama signed the new healthcare bill into law.
  3. Is the Healthcare Package the New Sub Prime Mortgage?: Commentator Glenn Beck discusses the financial issues with the new healthcare law.
  4. American Medical Association’s Take on Healthcare Reform: Listen to the American Medical Association’s opinion of the new healthcare law.
  5. AMA Leaders Answer Questions on Healthcare Law: In this video, leaders of the American Medical Association answer questions from doctors about the AMA’s position on healthcare legislation.
  6. Ohio’s High Risk Pool: Information about how the state of Ohio will run their high risk insurance pool; part of the new state’s rights under healthcare legislation.
  7. Healthcare Reform Kicks In: This video talks about the first beneficiaries of healthcare reform.
  8. Healthcare Reform: This video discusses how healthcare reform affects physicians.
  9. Understanding your Options: This video from Blue Cross and Blue Shield discusses patient options under the new healthcare laws.
  10. US Healthcare Reform: Implications in Quality Care: This video discusses how the quality of healthcare might change under the new healthcare laws.
  11. 6 Things Your Business Needs to Know About Healthcare Reform: This video discusses things small business owners need to know about the changes that come to their business as a result of the new healthcare legislation.
  12. More Money for Healthcare, Fewer for Overhead: This video discusses how new rules will make our health care marketplace more transparent and ensure you get the best value for your premium dollars. It is provided by the White House office of Health Reform.
  13. Paige’s Breast Cancer Story: This video chronicles the story of a woman fighting a recurrence of breast cancer after the healthcare reform act, and after becoming uninsured. This video explains how the new healthcare law can help people with pre-existing conditions.
  14. Guidestone Update on Healthcare Reform: This video from Guidestone Financial Services highlights the portions of the new healthcare law that will go into effect in January 2011.
  15. How Healthcare Reform Affects Employers: This video discusses how employers are going to be affected by the law changes in healthcare.
  16. Healthcare Reform and Election 2010: Look at how the healthcare legislation affected 2010 political races. It’s widely known that most Americans did not support the bill that was passed, and it affected how they voted at the polls in November.
  17. Addressing Healthcare Reform: This video debunks myths and distortions about the healthcare reform legislation.
  18. Dr. Drew on Healthcare Reform: Dr. Drew Pinsky takes on the challenge of discussing the new healthcare reform legislation.
  19. Healthcare with the New Congress: Much of the congress that passed the healthcare bill has now been voted out of office. This video addresses how that might affect healthcare legislation going forward.

The healthcare reform act of 2010 was historic legislation. Though it has been passed, it is still the topic of much discussion and there are still many changes to come in terms of how it plays out as the programs roll out over the next few years. It is, indeed, an interesting healthcare and legal discussion to watch. Stay tuned for more videos on YouTube that further explain and delve into this legislation as we see how it really affects Americans as it goes into action. It will be interesting to see how care, coverage and costs are affected in the next few years down the road, and YouTube will always be a great place to catch the news if you missed it the first time around.

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